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Are the pictures same day delivery?

  • Once the property has been photographed, the images go through a caring organization process and delicate editing.  This process takes 24-48 hours.  Delivery is guaranteed within 4-6 business days for images.  Videos may take up to 60 - 72 hours.  If property is shot on a Friday, product will be delivered on the next business day.


How do I receive my images or video?  

  • Product is sent to the email address that was provided.  The website is used for this process or our gallery platform.


Are the pictures in HDR?

  • No, the professional team blends the pictures carefully for the closest detail to reality.


What happens if the agent is late?

  • You may provide the access code to the lock box in the property.

  • I have been background checked and approved by the Osceola County Association of REALTORS®​

How long does it take to photograph a property?

  • These times may vary due to the differences in size of properties, and scheduled package.  Please visit our                     for information of the services.


What is the appropriate time needed in order to schedule a shoot?

  • a WEEK or at least 48 hours prior to the desired day is the minimum time required to schedule an appointment.  This all depends on the availability of our days.


Can I be invoiced?

  • The website allows for payment of our packages at the time of checkout.  Several additional services may require invoicing.  Credit Cards are the preferred method of payment, you may also use PayPal.

What is the                           ?

  • There are no refunds if the photographer has already provided the service.  We promise to deliver high quality images, and to satisfy your needs.

  • There are no full refunds if the shoot was not cancelled 24 hours prior to the appointment.  Fee for cancellation inside the 24 hour period is $25.  Money is refunded minus $25 fee.

    • If the property was sold inside the 24 hour period, full refund is available with proof of the sold listing, i.e. contract. ​

      • If the property sold, you may keep our services and simply reschedule your appointment at no additional cost to the next available session, towards another property.​

  • Full refunds will qualify if for any unforseen event the photographer is unable to provide the product.

  • Please visit our                               in order to understand what happens in the event of unpleasant weather.


Is there a cancellation fee?

  • Cancellations need to be 24 hours prior to the appointment.  Full refund is available.


What happens if the house is not ready for shooting and the agent wants to cancel?

  • There is a fee for the photographer showing up to the property and not be let to photograph.  Fee is $45, this fee is in addition to your package price.  

    • The appointment can be rescheduled until the next available session.  

      • On day of original appointment, if the exterior can be photographed, you may choose to get these images prior to the rescheduled appointment.

    • You may opt to cancel the appointment, however, the $45 show up fee applies, this means that you will get a refund minus the $45 fee.

  • Please read the                               document in order to prepare a property prior to an appointment.

What if the property is over 3,500sqft?

  • We are able to accommodate your needs.  For a quote you may call (407) 717 5175, or email at


Are there any job opportunities?

Are the copyrights to the images or videos retained by you?

  • I retain the copyrights to the product, as your purchase is single use, non-transferable, non-exclusive image license.   An image license for real estate agents is good for the duration of the listing.  It expires as soon as the property is sold, canceled or reassigned.  You may not sell, give or loan the images to any party as you are the licensee of a non-transferable license.  Images should be used for marketing and promotional needs, only.


Why can I see the property on instagram?

  • Images or videos taken by VTRimage are part of a portfolio, i.e. Instagram.


What is "livestream"?

  • With new technology we are able to do LIVE walkthroughs.  Your customers can be in the comfort of their home watching the video as it is being shot!

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FAQ's are updated to the best of our abilities.

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