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  • Cancellations need to be 24 hours prior to the appointment.  Full refund is available.

  • There are no refunds if the photographer has already provided the service.  We promise to deliver high quality images, and to satisfy your needs.  

    • If you are unsatisfied with any images provided to you, I will work with you on a solution and reshoot the desired images.

      • This only applies to the images that do not meet your expectations due to the photographer's fault.  This includes, but is not limited to: out of focus, angles not previously discussed.​

      • This does not include images taken during unpleasant* weather.                   

      • This does not include events that are outside of the photographer's control.  This includes, but is not limited to: inside or outside home decor, vehicles in driveway, home not ready, weather.  

      • If you are unsatisfied with the video provided to you, it may be revised up to two times.  Extra revisions will incur in a $15 fee for each extra time.

  • There are no full refunds if the shoot was not cancelled 24 hours prior to the appointment.  Fee for cancellation inside the 24 hour period is $25.  Money is refunded minus the $25 fee.

    • If the property was sold inside the 24 hour period, full refund is available with proof of the sold listing, i.e. contract. ​

      • If the property sold, you may keep our services and simply reschedule your appointment at no additional cost to the next available session, towards another property.​

  • Full refunds will qualify if for any unforseen event the photographer is unable to provide the product.  Severe** weather may apply.

  • Please visit our                               in order to understand what happens in the event of unpleasant weather.

  • If in the event that the property is not ready for photographing, there is a fee for the photographer showing up to the property and not be let to photograph.  Fee is $45, this fee is in addition to your package price. 

    • The appointment can be rescheduled until the next available session.  

    • On day of original appointment, if the exterior can be photographed, you may choose to get these images prior to the rescheduled appointment.

    • You may opt to cancel the appointment, however, the $45 show up fee applies, this means that you will get a refund minus the $45 fee.

  • Please read the                             document for more information on what you need to do to get a property ready prior to your appointment.

*Unpleasant weather conditions include, but are not limited to: light rain, clouds, high winds.

**Severe weather conditions include, but are not limited to: storms, hurricanes, extreme winds, heavy rain.

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