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Before any photography job, your property has to be de-cluttered.  Please follow these steps in order to have a successful appointment;                                                

To download the PDF version click here: 


  • Make sure all light bulbs are in working condition, as lighting is very important in photographs.  Make sure that all interior and exterior lights are on.

  • Turn off all ceiling fans.

  • All blinds, curtains and/or shades should be open.

  • Remove excess cables, toys, novelty objects, private documents and any other items that are deemed nonessential to the showcasing of the home.

Living/Family Room and/or Office:

  • Newspapers and magazines should be removed.  Books should be put away; bookcase(s) should be organized.

  • Any exposed cables/wiring should be concealed if possible.

  • Personal photos and toys should be removed.  Make sure that any bookshelves, tables and floor are free of any clutter.

  • Clean all glass surfaces, this includes, but is not limited to: tables, mirrors, portraits, cabinet doors and windows.

  • Vacuum and remove dust.

Dining Room:

  • Any cabinets with visible plates or items should be straightened and cleaned.

  • As a personal preference you may choose to set the table with dinnerware, napkins and a centerpiece.

  • Vacuum and remove dust.


  • Trash can(s) should be out of sight.

  • Small appliances, knife blocks and any kitchen gadgets should be out of sight.

  • Magnets, notes and any papers should be removed from the refrigerator.

  • Make sure all major appliances and counter tops are clean.

  • Sink should be free of clean or dirty dishes and sponges or dish towels.


  • Straighten bedspread and pillows.  Bed should look neat.

  • Clean all glass surfaces, this includes, but is not limited to: tables, mirrors, portraits, cabinet doors and windows.

  • Remove personal photos, books, magazines, clocks, radios and any other nonessential items from the bedside table and/or bureau.

  • Make sure all clothes and shoes are put away.

  • Children's bedroom should be free of excess toys, posters and drawings.

  • Vacuum and remove dust.


  • Clean counter tops and any glass/mirror surfaces.

  • Counter tops should be free of toiletries, tissues, hair products and any nonessential items.

  • Showers and tubs should be free of personal products, children toys and shower caddies.

  • Trash bin should be clean.

  • Toilets should be clean and lids closed.


  • Do not park directly in front of the house or driveway.

  • Make sure garbage can(s) and recycling bin(s) are out of sight.

  • Cars, boats, RV's, motorcycles or others should be removed from the driveway.

  • Pick up garden hose and tools.

  • Grass should be mowed.  Excess leaves and dead vegetation should be removed.

  • Driveway, sidewalk, patio, and deck should be swept.

Swimming Pools and/or Spas:

  • Make sure it is uncovered and the safety fence has been removed.

  • Should be clean and free of floating debris.

  • Remove floating chlorine dispenser and any pool toys/tools.

  • Turn on outside lights, pool lights, spa bubbles and any waterfalls.

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