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Guitarist / Vocals - The Professor.

Birthdate: June 7, 1989

From: El Paso, Texas

Band: Liquid Spiral

Mic: SM 58 Mic. 

Guitar: LTD Guitars

Board: M9 Line 6 effects pedal

Amps: BlackStar 

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My Story

Julian grew up in a single parent household on the border of Mexico in El Paso, Texas. Coming from no musicians in his family, he oddly enough chose to join band in school and play the trumpet. He played trumpet throughout middle and high school, but his true loves, singing, guitar and writing developed in high school. He joined a youth Mariachi and took his musicianship to the next level.  


He soon then formed a Cumbia cover band and won an international music festival which earned him a trip to Disney World, which ultimately had a life changing effect. After graduation he moved to Orlando, Florida and his music career and life flourished. After enrolling in Valencia College, he met Angello, and the Liquid Spiral movement was initiated.


Since 2009 his musical journey with Liquid Spiral has taken him all over the state and played the stage with exceptional musical artists. Julian also completed his Undergrad and Graduate degrees at UCF and is currently in year nine of teaching Civics in Orange County Public Schools. A once cat hater, since 2020, Julian is now the ultimate cat dad and enjoys teaching other cat parents how to maximize their cats lifespan with proper nutrition, behavior, and interaction.


As of 6/30/2022, Julian will also be getting hitched!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

407 717 5175

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